What we do

Weekly/Daily Keyworking

We offer  a support worker who works with the resident around their well-being, the steps required to address any  alcohol and substance misuse or mental health difficulties, life skills, budgeting and tenancy management skills.   Counselling and psychotherapy is provided as required to enhance the work done by the support worker. There is also a housing manager there to manage the house and to provide support to the residents.

Individual Support Plan

Renova understands that each person is an individual with their own challenges, aspirations and goals. We assist each resident by formulating an individualised personal plan so that their goals can be measured and achieved.  The resident is fully involved in any decision making. They are supported to achieve their optimum well-being and have their dreams fulfilled. The support plan includes the services that will be available to the resident to address their own difficulties and how they can be helped to overcome their challenges.

Community Network

We also know that we all thrive when we have supportive relationships. Each resident is connected to community networks and friends whilst supporting them to restore broken relationships.  Each Renova house is a thriving community where residents are respected. There is plenty of opportunity for social engagement.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

To ensure each  resident is safe and anti-social behaviour is reduced to a minimum, there is random drug and alcohol testing. This also provides an opportunity for residents to demonstrate commitment towards their recovery.  Alcohol and controlled drugs are not permitted on the premises.

Job Training and Apprenticeships

We provide the residents with support to access a job club that provides advice on cv preparation, job searches and interview skills. In addition, residents get help to access job training, volunteer opportunities and apprenticeships.

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