Renova has opened its doors

A house is not just a building.

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A home is a place where you are supposed to feel safe. It’s your own space where you can be yourself, relax, meet friends and family. A place of stability.

Our vision is to restore people aged 25 and above by giving them hope, a safe space and the relevant practical support they need in order to rebuild their lives and get integrated back into community.

Renova Trust is a Christian faith-based charity. We provide supported housing to formerly homeless or precariously housed people and ex-offenders, offering each person a mentor, helping them to build a positive friendship network and practical support managed through a key-worker.

Our ultimate goal is to get you back into employment and living independently. This is something that can take time. So, we envisage that our engagement with you can take 18-24 months but our commitment does not stop there.

We continue offering mentoring, friendship and training for up to 5 years so that your transition to independent living is a sustainable and long term success.

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